Miguel Deras Zapata

Ceramic Sculptor
Each unique piece by Miguel Deras Zapata is hand built and sculpted. 

 Miguel Deras Zapata's work is inspired by the sensuous and spiritual aspects of nature and humanity's close relationship to it.  In creating his sculptures he examines seeds, plants, and fragments of the bodies of animals and refers to the ceremonial articles used in the rituals of various cultures.  Juxtapositions of form, texture, and colour create a universal language suggesting different emotional states, and dream-like, poetic messages from a subconscious level.  Each unique ceramic piece is hand built and sculpted in earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain, starting from a pinch pot, or using coils and slabs.  The spontaneity of the results of combinations of clays, glazes, oxides, and different types of firing methods adds to this combination of process and product reflecting the power of the natural and spiritual worlds that surround us. 


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